Frequently Asked Questions

What factors Determine the Cost of Cleaning?

There are many factors that determine the cleaning cost:


  • The square footage of the house. This is the measured value of the length and width of each room to be cleaned.

  • The number of bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, family area, office area, and bathrooms.

  • Whether or not the rooms are carpeted or tiled.

  • If there are pets (dogs, cats, or both).

  • The overall condition of your home.

  • If the house is in a dusty area.

  • If the bathrooms have mold, mildew, lime, calcium, rust, or soap scum buildup.

Why does the Initial Cleaning or Move Out Cleaning Cost More than the Normal Rate?

There are many factors that determine the Inital, or Move In/Out cost of cleaning.


  • All of the above factors apply and in addition, the cupboards, stove, refrigerator, and drawers must be cleaned.

  • There may be stains on the floor where stoves, refrigerators, etc., have been.

  •  If military housing then the house must pass a very rigorous exit inspection. Note that our staff will be present during the inspection to remedy any deficiencies found by the inspector, thus guaranteeing your immediate passing of the inspection. Guaranteed one shot passage!

So What is the Process for Starting Service with Maggie Maid?


  • This is the easiest part!

  • Complete the online Request for Estimate (Click Below).,

  •  We will call you to arrange for an appointment for our estimator to evaluate your house and determine the cost.

  • We will then conduct a thorough walk through of your house, double checking the room dimensions, the degree of difficulty in cleaning some areas (for example, mold in bathrooms, etc.), and taking note of special items or areas to be cleaned (and your preference for their cleaning).

  •  We will then provide you with a written estimate for your cleaning needs whether it is just a one time cleaning, an initial cleaning, a Move Out cleaning, or a military Move Out, and provide you with a cost for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly rate after the initial cleaning.




If you still have questions please call us at (210) 945-8775

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